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Many of us struggle with what to do with our dog's ashes, wanting more for our buddies than to be packaged in a plastic box and stored in the closet. So, we offer several storage options that reflect the happy times shared with our dogs.

Commemorative Shells in a Beautiful Hardwood Box
We could find no better casing than these beautiful, all-brass shells to store the remainder of your dog's ashes. Engraved with your beloved dog's name, these shells are a lasting memento to commemorate your field companion. These shells are intended for storing ashes, not scattering. Brass shells are 12 gauge, 2 3/4" length. A hardwood box with an engraved brass plaque is included on all 4, 7 & 21 Commemorative Shell orders.

Engraved, Hardwood Shell Box  
Product Quantity Price
Salute to the 4 Winds 4 shells $250
7-Gun Salute 7 shells $350
21-Gun Salute 21 shells $735

Engraved, Hardwood Shell Box
You can also order this beautiful hardwood box without the brass shells to use as a container for your dog's ashes.

Engraved, Hardwood Shell Box  
Product Price
Small Box
4 3/4" X 7 5/8" X 5"
Medium Box
4 3/4" X 9 1/16" X 6"
Large Box
4 3/4" X 12 1/4" X 7 3/4"
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