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Terry Huff of Poway, CA. was the consummate outdoorsman. He loved his dogs more than anything (other than his daughter Nicole, of course).  Terry was a big waterfowler, but whenever possible he would go dove and quail hunting in southern California.  When his little yellow lab puppy arrived, Danny Boy, he immediately set out to make him the best-trained hunting dog in the world.  After extensive training sessions, the big day arrived for Terry to see his Danny Boy at work.

Rising early to head for the first great hunt of their collective careers, Terry could hardly hold back his excitement as he explained to his hunting buddies and daughter Nicole the soon-to-be witnessed Hall of Fame skills Danny Boy would demonstrate.

Finally, the moment of truth.  A raucous covey of quail burst from the brush and Terry quickly brought two of them to earth.  Danny Boy witnessed the entire encounter and immediately charged into the thick undercover to perform his first retrieve.  Terry waited impatiently for what seemed like hours for Danny Boy to return with the game and receive the obligatory “good boy” and have his picture taken to commemorate the wonderful event.  But Danny Boy was no where to be found. He did not respond to Terry’s calls.  Finally, Terry marched off into the brush, and he wasn't planning to give Danny Boy a treat! As some recalled, Danny Boy’s name was temporarily changed to... expletive deleted.... At last, Terry found his prized puppy. To his surprise, there sat Danny Boy with one quail in his mouth and another one still fluttering under Danny’s “fanny.”

Once Terry got his boot out of his mouth, the congratulations poured out like a fine single malt!

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