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Welcome to The Departing Shot, one of the outdoor world's most unique services! At The Departing Shot, our goal is to help our fellow hunters commemorate the happy years they have spent with their much-loved hunting dogs.

As life-long hunters ourselves, we have loved many dogs. Those dogs have shared some of our happiest moments - the brilliant sunrises and sunsets, the great hunts that included their first point or retrieve. When our own dogs passed away, we wanted them to live on in the fields they loved. So, we began scattering their remains across our favorite hunting grounds.

Wingshooters and waterfowlers alike have asked us to help them do the same for their dogs. So, we launched The Departing Shot. When a hunter loses his or her dog, our company works directly with the veterinarian and the crematorium to prepare the shells that allow hunters to return their dog to the fields they have traveled together. We also provide commemorative shotgun shells hunters may keep as a memorial to their “friends of the field.”

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